Fastned and the city of The Hague open first urban fast-charging station of the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 1 December 2016. Today, Fastned and the municipality of The Hague will open the first urban fast-charging station of the Netherlands.  The station is part of a series of five stations that will be realised in the city of The Hague. With the development of fast charging stations Fastned and the municipality of The Hague respond to the growing need of electric drivers to be able to charge quickly and continue their journey. Alderman Tom de Bruijn from the municipality of The Hague and Bart Lubbers, co-founder of Fastned will officially open Fastned 'Station ten Bosch’ today. The station is located right next to the Royal Palace ‘Huis ten Bosch’.

With 55 stations along Dutch highways Fastned has nationwide coverage and is now expanding its network to urban locations. By doing so Fastned is responding to the increasing demand for fast charging infrastructure at high traffic locations along the highway and in urban area’s.

Bart Lubbers, co-founder of Fastned: "Urban stations make our network complete. People want to charge their car wherever their battery runs empty and this can happen along the highway as well as in cities. In addition, the majority of Dutch households don’t have their own driveway where they can charge. These people also want to drive electric and now they can do so by charging their car at Fastned for the same price as at home: 19 cents per kWh. This type of infrastructure makes driving electric accessible to everyone in The Netherlands. The city of Hague understands this very well and are leading this transition.”

Tom de Bruijn, Alderman of Finance, Traffic, Transport and Environment of the Municipality of The Hague: "More and more people are switching to an electric car. A positive development The Hague wants to encourages as much as possible, because electric cars are clean and cheap to operate. With the increasing number of electric cars the need for qualitative charging infrastructure increases as well. Rolling out a network of fast-charging stations in the city is a great asset to our city. I hope that we can be an example for other municipalities.”

Fastned will build 5 city stations in The Hague in the next few months and has advanced plans to realise fast charging stations in other cities as well. At all Fastned stations, all types of fully electric cars (including Tesla's) can fast charge their battery. Fastned only supplies renewable power from sun and wind.

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Fastned entwickelt ein europäisches Ladenetzwerk von Schnellladestationen, an denen alle Elektrofahrzeuge so schnell wie möglich mit 100% erneuerbarer Energie aufgeladen werden können. Die Stationen befinden sich an verkehrsreichen Orten entlang der Autobahnen und in Städten, an welchen Elektrofahrzeuge in etwa 20 Minuten geladen werden können. Das Ziel von Fastned ist es, ein europäisches Netzwerk von 1000 Schnellladestationen aufzubauen. Dies gibt den Fahrern von Elektrofahrzeugen die Freiheit, durch ganz Europa zu reisen. Fastned betreibt derzeit 85 Ladestationen in den Niederlanden und in Deutschland und bereitet den Bau von weiteren Schnellladestationen in den Niederlanden, Deutschland, Großbritannien und Belgien vor. Fastned ist an der Nxchange-Börse notiert.

Die Umsetzung eines solchen europäischen Schnellladenetzwerks ist eine Reaktion auf die schnell wachsende Zahl von reinen Elektroautos. Automobilhersteller investieren Milliarden von Euro in die Entwicklung und Produktionskapazität von reinen Elektrofahrzeugen. Mit der steigenden Zahl von Elektroautos steigt auch die Nachfrage nach qualitativer Ladeinfrastruktur. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: