Fastned triples revenues in 2016

Charging company publishes annual report over 2016.

Amsterdam, 9 March 2017. Fastned, which is building a European fast charging network where all electric cars can charge, has again shown rapid growth in the last year. In 2016, revenues tripled to EUR 227.613. A total of 460.783 kWh was charged at Fastned stations by 3.177 active customers. Fastned now has 57 stations.

The rapid growth was due to more customers charging more kWh at more Fastned stations. This resulted in more charging sessions per station. The strong autonomous growth proves Fastned is increasingly relevant to EV drivers, because of national network coverage, reliable service and transparent, competitive pricing.

Fastned continues to invest in the expansion of its network in The Netherlands and abroad. These investments contributed to a loss of EUR 5 million, of which EUR 2 million was non cash (depreciation and converted interest). The loss is caused by Fastned investing in charging stations ahead of the market to be ready for the next generations of electric cars.

In 2016, the number of full electric cars on Dutch roads increased from 9,368 to 13,105, an increase of 40% compared to 2015. Fastned grew with 258%, outperforming the market by a factor of 7. For more and more EV drivers fast charging at Fastned has become a regular part of their routine.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned: “The car market is now really in transition and drivers can choose between ever more EVs with better range. The Dutch government has committed to full electric mobility. From January 1st, business lease taxation on full EVs is 4% versus 22% for all other cars. Driving a hybrid car no longer pays off. Market data shows that the number of full electric cars is now rapidly increasing.”

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Über Fastned.DE

Fastned entwickelt ein europäisches Ladenetzwerk von Schnellladestationen, an denen alle Elektroautos so schnell wie möglich aufgeladen werden können. Die Stationen befinden sich an verkehrsreichen Orten entlang der Autobahnen und in Städten. Das ermöglicht es den Fahrerinnen und Fahrern, mit ihren Elektroautos durch ganz Europa zu reisen. Fastned betreibt derzeit 88 Ladestationen in den Niederlanden und in Deutschland und arbeitet daran, das Netzwerk auf ganz Europa ausweiten. Fastned baut zurzeit Schnellladestationen in den Niederlanden, Deutschland und Großbritannien und bereitet die Expansion in Belgien und der Schweiz vor.